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Animalmercenary reviews Alice: Madness Returns (X360)

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Animalmercenary said...

HOLY CRAP!!!! This game looked fun on the outside but wow! I'm speechless!

Story- Now I've not had the pleasure of playing the original Alice game. But I had a lovely surprise when I opened the case of this game: A code for the original Alice. It felt like christmas! So without further hesitation I raced home and, to no surprise, was compelled to punch in the code. Then after about 10 hours of engrossing story-telling on the origina Alice, I leaned back on my chair, satisfied with a complete and sophisticated tale of a deeply emotional wonderland that is unique from any other idealisations of the setting. Then to my great amusment I progressed onto the long-awaited sequel. And let me be the first to tell you: it doesn't dissapoint!

Gameplay- Whereas most games have a favortisim of the most dexteritous player, Alice Madness Returns is more suited to a much more mature, tactical breed of player. EA and Spicy horse created a combat system based around the strategy of the player, and have replaced overpowered weapons with the overpowered wits and timings of the person behind the controller. This combat system is easy to pick up, so you never feel out of your depth in a large scale battle. However if you're like me you won't want to be getting into those unessecary conflicts so much as exploring the unique world of Wonderland. Even when you go into the real world, it can be argued that things move too slowly but I would have to agree as it fills the player in on more sinister plots and twists that define the story and add that INSANE factor when you enevitabley return to Wonderland.

Setting/graphics- Now, I like to look at the distinctive art styles used by the artists that embody the game and capture the character of the environments and the charaters themselves. The way I identify the two major locations ( Wonderland and 19th centuary London ) is the opposite poles of the artist's colour pallet. On one hand we have the dark, sinster, yet subtle insanity of Alice's character in London, shown by the colours of: Grey, Black and white Ect.Whereas ont the other hand we have Wonderland which really jumps out and litaraly screeches insanity in you head with less subtle colours including: Yellows, reds, greens, and oranges Ect. This provides balance and really sets the tone of the story and of the game itself.

In conclusion Alice Madness Returns is an instant cult classic that is very close to perfect, this is what I'm hoping more developers will do for their upcoming games and need I say this game, from me gets a:


Game Traits applied to Alice: Madness Returns (X360) by Animalmercenary

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
    Insane chick
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    3D Platformer, platformer
  • General Tone:
    Bizarre, Quirky
Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 14/JUN/11
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