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Animalmercenary reviews Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (X360)

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Animalmercenary said...

Based on a real-life scenario, brothers in arms hell's highway AKA: BIAHH, is one of the only games that has promised an engrossing story, action packed campaign and an amazing tactical treat that will make any strategist's mind boggle.

Story- If you haven't played the previous installments of the Brothers in arms franchise allow me to get you up to speed. Matt Baker is a US paratrooper that is promoted to squad commander. Well that's really about all I can tell you without going into too much detail. The great thing about BIAHH is how true to life it is. Every: Field, weapon, character and tank is a true depiction of their real life counter parts during the Allied invasion of nazi occupation of Holland in 1944. The wide vision of characters is commendable and their all with their own personalites and dialouge that can really create tention in cutscenes and causes great relationship balance between all within the 101st airbourne regiment.

Gameplay- Now because BIAHH has a very realistic tone, naturaly you're not going to be able to slaughter many nazis on your own. Enter the rest of the 101st airbourne division. As squad leader you have the say, so if a team-mate is in the line of fire: YOU are responsiable for pulling him out of there. Given a few minutes with the game you will be able to understand all about moving your team and fighting with some tactical cunning, given a few hours you will be a tactical mastermind; pulling off some seriously devious manouvers and taking into account all features of the battlefield. This is a game that you can easily pick up and play, however if you're a tad more ambitious; simply crank up the difficulty and you'll be challenged from start to end. Another nicely implemented feature is a cover system: It's snappy, responsive and allows you to make do or die decisions from the safety of a brick wall.

Graphics- Although the graphics of BIAHH are a bit outdated now, I want you to take into account that when this game was made this game was ground-breaking on the graphical department. Despite the now stale graphics, the immersion of the story and realistic gameplay means that gearbox studios has created an illusion to show this game as a real battlefield and when you're playing this game you really do feel like you ARE Matt Baker.

A great story,an amazing realisim factor and a perfect tactical element lands BIAHH a:

Check out the youtube channel: Failsafe101studios.

Game Traits applied to Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (X360) by Animalmercenary

  • The Setting:
    World War II
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Tactics and strategy
  • General Tone:
    intense, Violent and Brutal
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 23/SEP/08
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