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Animalmercenary reviews Tropico 4 (PC)

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Animalmercenary said...

Ever wanted to be your own Fidel Castro? Ever wanted to experience power through tyranny? Or do you just want to soak up some joyous spanish fiesta tunes? Then Tropico 4 might be the right game for you.

Story- Naturally, as an RTS it is hard for developers to come up with a half decent story. This is not due to the developer's error, but more towards the player's options. As a strategy game fan I can safely say that the developers made the right decision to take a seat back from an in depth, pre-set story line as the entire joy of playing a strategy game is shaping the story to your own play style. So as far as story goes; there is nothing in the game that is worth rating as it is simply not there.

Gameplay- Definatly one of the sparkling areas of the game is how it presents itself in an easy-to-manage way that makes the player think: 'I can do that!' Everything in Tropico is based on your island and building on it a society that you are free to rule however you want. After playing stacks of strategy games a common weakness is the layout of your options. For instance: some games of the genre lack enough options, some have a weakness to poorly presented tutorials. But worse, much worse issues can occur: Numbers! Hundreds of thousands of numbers! However in Tropico the only numbers that apear are percentages, and that is tolerable and easy to understand. Also to the game's credit, is an amazingly well-presented player interface. Trust me in this game you will never get lost thanks to amazingly simple menus that are easy to navigate and intresting to peak into, to give you further insight in the strategy. My only issue is that there is not enough content in the full game that the demo doesn't have.

Graphics: The art style to tropico has always been comical and exagerated and tropico 4 is no different. Characters have abnormally large and elongaed faces and say some pretty funny stuff even if it is extremely stereotypical and a tad bit racist. But none the less it is funny seeing people from the middle east babble on about camels and europeans being snobby and posh. I mean, I am english and I think it's absolutely hillarious seeing that old english guy and his monacle suddenly appear on the screen. Better still is the zoom in feature that allows you to get right up close to the action on tropico.

Overall the demo may be worth a download, and if you like it Tropico 4 will keep you comming back to set up more and more islands and make more and more MONEY!


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Tropico 4

Tropico 4 (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Empire-Building
Release Date: 18/OCT/11
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